Competition Blog

Bedminster Competition

Great day at the Bedminster Bedminster Annual Championships Golds for Isla, Sam and Danny Silvers for Freddie, Adrianna, Mila, Eloise, Chloe, Ralph & Lani. Bronzes for Noah B, Noah G, James Mc, Mercedes, Daisy, Nick and Harrison!

Officials, Alison, Sasha Foxon & Oliver!

Coaches, Alex, Luke & Toddy!

Thank you to Mike, Zoe, Mark, Sam, Luke, Sasha and me for putting our club mats back after.

Midland Area Open and Schools

Very successful day for #teampatchway at Midland area open and schools Gold for Sam, Alice and silver for Lani! In the open Gold for Balaz and Alex, silvers for Alice and Charlie, Bronze for Lani and 7th for Mack. With Alice winning her first 10 points for her Dan grade.

Balaz won his line up and achieved the points for his 1st Dan grade 🥋now has to do his theory!

Steve won 20 points and is 10 points away from his 1st Dan! 30 points towards his Dan grade for Nathan. Josie won 20 points towards her 2nd Dan. 20 points for Mack towards his 2nd Dan. 10 points for Alex and Sasha towards their 3rd Dan’s!

Cadet British Championships

Saturday 2nd December Balazs competed in the Cadet British Championships in Sheffield, with his Dad, Peter, one of our club coaches!

Balazs won four fights, also gaining 10 points towards his black belt.

He finished 7th over all! He joined Patchway when he was 8 as a yellow belt having moved from Hungary! We are very proud of him.


Devizes Mini Mon

Silvers for Sam and Mercedes, bronzes for Amelia and Matthew. Tough fights, great judo and great attitudes all round – Eloise complimented on her refereeing for second week running… 🥋

Kingsley School Interclub

So proud of our players and our club referee today!

After much persuasion Sophie agreed to give the competition a go! She did so well, winning bronze medal! First competition for Theo and Sam was his coach, Theo made it very hard for his opponents, he won bronze. Freddie fought hard, was held down and escaped twice! He won bronze. Sam fought in two groups, total of 7 fights altogether! He won both of his first group fights in seconds, gold medal secured. He then fought in a heavier group, losing his first in golden score and going on to win the next two. Pool resulted in a three way tie – Simon decided to give all three gold medals. Eloise refereed all day! She was excellent, confident and really knew her stuff!

British Kata Championships 2023

Alice and Lani entered Senior Kata Championships this year as Alice is too old to be a junior. After being Junior Kata Champions they worked really hard leading up to the Championships. The girls practiced three different Kata’s.

Coach Jeremy, Former Kata World Champion, was hopeful that the girls would medal, was over the moon with their results!

Senior ju-no-kata; bronze
Senior katame-no-kata; bronze
Senior nage-no-kata; silver!

This year so the biggest entry ever (31 senior pairs across 6 kata) and a much higher standard than last year. Jeremy, along with all the other coaches and club are Soooo proud of the girls.

British School Judo Championships 2023

British Schools Championships!

Seven  Judoka from Patchway Judo Club competed at the British Schools competition in Sheffield, representing seven different schools!

#teampatchway had a great result gaining one silver, two bronzes and two 5th places. Well done all.