Midland Area Open and Schools

by | 28 Jan 2024 | Club News, Competition News

Very successful day for #teampatchway at Midland area open and schools Gold for Sam, Alice and silver for Lani! In the open Gold for Balaz and Alex, silvers for Alice and Charlie, Bronze for Lani and 7th for Mack. With Alice winning her first 10 points for her Dan grade.

Balaz won his line up and achieved the points for his 1st Dan grade 🥋now has to do his theory!

Steve won 20 points and is 10 points away from his 1st Dan! 30 points towards his Dan grade for Nathan. Josie won 20 points towards her 2nd Dan. 20 points for Mack towards his 2nd Dan. 10 points for Alex and Sasha towards their 3rd Dan’s!