Yoko-Guruma, belongs to the 5th Group of the Gokyo, and is a spectacular counter throw often used at Olympic level competition.

How to throw with Yoko-Guruma

1. Be ready, and when your partner attacks you, move around the technique
2. Grab around the waist and as you move around in a circle, stick your leg out
3. Use the circular momentum, lift and wheel your partner over onto their back.

Guruma means wheel

The Japanese word “Guruma” means wheel and refers to the movement of the technique, as you wheel your partner over, using a part of your body as a pivot.

For example, another common technique which uses this wheel movement is O-Guruma. With O-Guruma tori (attacker) uses their leg as the point of pivot and wheels their partner over their leg.


You can see a similar wheeling motion in our Kata-Guruma tutorial. With Kata-Guruma tori uses their shoulders as the pivot point, wheeling their partner over their back and towards the tatami.

This technique is a banned technique through the IJF rules (where you can’t touch the trouser leg) but remains a part of the Gokyo and here is information on how to do the throw by the Kodokan.

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