Yoko-Gake is a side sacrifice throw, as you drop down you sweep your partner’s foot, falling onto your own side in the process.

How to throw with Yoko-Gake

1. Pulled forwards, and bring uke off balance over the front corner
2. Fall to the side uke is off balance.
3. As you drop down, sweep your partner’s foot.


Kosoto-Gake is another technique that requires you to attack the foot; this time instead of sweeping you reap the attack, and also, you maintain your upright position rather than falling on your own back as you throw.


Deashi-Barai is a good place to start if you are looking to build up to Yoko-Gake. Learn how to unbalance your partner and sweep out their foot. From this base, you can then go onto progressing the movement into the Yoko-Gake.

Improving footwork

If you want to be a great judoka you need great footwork! Good footwork means knowing where to place your feet (or foot) to be in the perfect-on-balance sweet spot for an attack. It also means being able to attack, unbalance and set-up your opponent.

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