Ushiro Goshi

Ushiro Goshi is a spectacular counter attack. Use it when your partner attacks with a forward throw like Harai-Goshi.

How to throw with Ushiro Goshi

1. When your partner attacks with a forward throw, sink your hips and block the throw
2. Bend your knees, grab around the waist and lift uke into the air
3. Once in the air, throw uke backwards onto their back.

Ushiro-Goshi compared to O-Goshi

O-Goshi is a forward hip throw, Ushiro Goshi is a reverse/backwards hip throw – the throws look very different and are used in different situations.

Ushiro-Goshi is similar to Utsuri-Goshi

Utsuri-Goshi has more similarities to Ushiro-Goshi. It is used as a counter, and the lift at the start is identical but the finish of the throw is different. With Utsuri-Goshi you throw forwards, changing direction in mid air and slipping your hips across like with O-Goshi.

When to use which?

Our advice? Best to learn all three techniques! So you can use each throw when the moment is right.

Use O-Goshi as a direct attack, or part of a combination.

Use Utsuri-Goshi or Ushiro-Goshi as a counter-attack. Once you have your partner up in the air, you have more options, with two directions to choose from. Very useful, as your opponent will not know which way you intend to throw until the last moment: Ippon!

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