Uchi-mata is an impressive technique to add to your armoury. It is a judo throw that needs lots of commitment. Aim to make contact first with your hip, then follow through with your leg.

How to throw with Uchi-Mata

1. Pull uke forwards onto their tip toes to break your partner’s balance.
2. Step in with your support leg. Aim to make contact with your hip just below uke’s belt.
3. Sweep upwards with your attacking leg, making contact with the inner thigh.
4. Look where you want to throw and finish the technique with control.

Advanced Uchi-Mata


Use ashi-waza like ko-uchi-gari, kosoto-gari and ouchi-gari to set up for this throw.

If you’re attack is blocked, good follow up waza are sumi-gaeshi, ouchi-gari and tani-otoshi.

What is renraku-waza?

A renraku-waza is two or more techniques that are linked together, and throw towards the same direction.

This example above of uchi-mata into harai-goshi is a perfect example of a renraku-waza. The second attack is a continuation of the first.

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