Tai-otoshi is classified as a hand throw (te-waza) and keep that in mind as you do this technique. There should very little body contact. Use your hands to direct this throw.

How to Throw with Tai-Otoshi

1. Break uke’s balance. Get uke moving towards you. Be ready as uke takes a step forward.
2. As uke steps forward, stick your leg out to block their pathway. Don’t make contact. Your leg should be a short distance in front of uke’s leg.
3. As uke trips over your leg, use your hands to steer the direction. Pull the sleeve outwards and drive upwards under uke’s chin with the lapel grip.

Advanced Tai-Otoshi

Drop Knee version

A more advanced version of this throw is the drop knee version. Get some tips from world champion, Neil Adams on how to do a drop knee tai-otoshi. Did you notice the unusual hand grip?


Use ouchi-gari to set up for this technique. Attack strongly with the ouchi-gari and attempt to throw uke backwards. As uke recovers their balance they will come forward. As they do turn in for your main waza.

If uke manages to avoid your tai-otoshi follow up with an uchi-mata.

Counter attack

Counter this waza using a Kosoto-gake or Kosoto-gari. Make sure you step off the attack first. When you have got off the throw, reverse the direction and counter backwards.

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