Harai-TsuriKomi-Ashi is a footsweep (ashi-waza), where you attack sweeping your partner’s leg, as they move backwards and you move forwards.

How to do Harai-TsuriKomi-Ashi

1. Push your partner backwards to make them retreat.
2. As they move backwards, move forwards towards them synchronising your stepping motion with theirs.
3. Sweep their leg backwards, lifting upwards with your grip on their collar.

What’s the difference between Okuri-Ashi-Barai and Harai-TsuriKomi-Ashi?

The difference between Harai Tsurikomi Ashi and Okuri Ashi Barai lies in the direction of the movement; with the first you sweep backwards, with the second sideways.

Watch this video of Harai Tsurikomi Ashi, then check out our animation of Okuri-Ashi-Barai. Do you see the difference?

What’s an ashi-waza?

An ashi-waza is a judo throw where you use your foot or leg to throw. Many judo techniques fall into this category including deashi-barai, uchi-mata and osoto-gari.

For more ashi-waza see our selection of the five best ashiwaza (leg throws) for beginners to learn.

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