Patchway is the first judo club in South Gloucestershire and Bristol County to achieve the British Judo Silver Club Mark award, & the 2nd in the whole of the Western area!

Patchway Minis


Our Mini players


The idea behind the Mini Section is to provide an outlet for children who are too young for Cubs and Brownies and other sporting clubs. The age group is four weeks before their fifth birthday to around eight, however there is no set upper limit; when a player is ready they will then progress onto the Junior Section.
Due to British judo regulations, all players must have a licence after four weeks.

The ethos of the minis session is "learning by accident". Sessions are based around FUNdamentals of movement and co-ordination as well as basic judo skills. This links in to the latest British judo grading system for their age group. The coaches are also supported by older players to help support the learning. This also helps when they transition to the junior session as they know the older children as well as encouraging volunteering, which is a big theme across the club.


SHO awards

We changed to the new Sho grading system in May 2016 - detials can be found at the bottom of the page.


Congratulations to everyone, new belts look great!



Kano awards and Theory certificates



Players receiving their Kano awards an theory certificates 2016


                        Kano awards 2009!

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Mini's grading

The Sho grading system was devised by British judo Association, aimed at players aged 5yrs-7yrs. There are 9 awards and players can grade 3 times per year, details of which can be found in the PDF’s below.

The grading system is complimented by the club grading sheets (also below). These have all the words that the players need to know for each grading, learning the japansese translations will help them now and in the future in the junior and senior grading’s.

Once a player is 8 years old they grade on the mon grading system where they then grade from red to brown belt. From 14 years they can grade as a Senior (kyu) grade, in judo we have to be at least 15years or older to become a black belt (Dan grade).

There is no waiting list to join, so just pitch up on the day and have a look to see if your child wants to join in the fun. While you're here why not get your child to try out for free. It is imperative, however, that you complete the permissions slip (contained within the membership form) before your child takes to the mat.



The session is run by Alison Finn 1st Dan, the session was originally started by Sue Hannam sadly passed away in September 2003, Sue was keen to have a session for younger players.

Alison is assisted by Mark Owen, 1st Kyu and some of the older players which is all part of the clubs ethos of "giving back" and players volunteering; many of our members have received local and national awards for volunteering.


Competition & Interclub Training

Under the British judo association rules, players aged under 8 do not do competitions (however some of our under 8 players, with full licences, compete at BJC events). The sessions we hold in Bristol County are inter-club under 8 training sessions, these give the players an opportunity to train with children from other clubs. They then have mini fights to show them what they will need to do in competitions when they are 8, so that it is not as scary! ALL the children receive an attendance medal, whether or not they take part in the mini fights. I would encourage all our under 8's to take part, please bear in mind they will need to have their licences, and will need to advise in advance if they wish to attend..





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